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As a routine instrument, flow cytometry has various applications especially in scientific research and clinical clinical medicine fileld, includingimmunology,hematology,oncolovgy,cytobiology and biochemistry.

  • Cenvenient

    No professional training required to calibrate and easy for regular personnel to operate and service.

  • Sensitive

    Hign sensitivity, High reliability, Low noise, High SNR and perfect testing results.

  • Modularized

    Integrated and modularized system to meet mass production requirements with lower costs.

Modularied Structure

The sample loader can be removed separately and replaced with batch sample loader. User can complete the switch with easy steps.

Integrated Control Keys

The keys are integrated and go with the overall shape design of the device using contrasted color to stand out. Signal lights can reflect the current status of the decvice.

Testing Result

Hign sensitivity, high reliability, low noise, high SNR and perfect testing results with more accurate diagram illustration.

Product Features

Concise design with appropriate structure. Efficient and convenient to operate and service. Simplicity, efficiency and hommization design philosophy


  • Fluorescence
    Threshold Sensitivities :

    < 50 MESF for Fitc

    < 50 MESF for PE

    < 50 MESF for APC

    FSC Resolution :


    SSC Resolution :


    Counting Function :


    Fluorescence Precision :

    ≤ 2%CV (for flow check)

    ≤ 3%CV for APC

  • Measurement
    Dynamic Range :

    > 6logs

    Data Acquisition Rate :

    50,000 events/second, Maximum

    Custom Core Diameter :


    Minimum Sample Volume :


    Custom Sample Flow Rates :

    2 ~ 100μL/Min

    15 steps can be adjusted

    Start Time:

    < 4min

  • Software :

    Compatible with FCS2.0 and 3.0/3.1 industry standard data format Support export.CSV and TXT formats

    Host Volume :


    Pail Capacity :


    Product Model:


    (2 lasers.6 colors and 8 channels)


    (2 lasers.4 colors and 6 channels)


    (1 lasers.4 colors and 6 channels)


BeamCyte is designed for flow cytometry devices and fully considers the smoothness and efficiency for both software and hardware operation.


Different accessories are available to create customized system


Supproting reagents are available on the website and users can purchase through our website.