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  • Software engineer
    • Job responsibilities:

      1 assistant to complete the PC software system code of the cell analysis instrument to achieve, write code notes and development documentation;

      2 auxiliary system function definition, program design;

      3 complete code writing, debugging, testing and maintenance according to design documents or requirements specification;

      4 assist in analyzing and solving problems in the process of software development;

      5 assist test engineer to make test plan and locate the problem;

      6 with the project manager to complete related tasks.

      Job requirements:

      1 Bachelor degree or above, major in automation or computer software;

      2.1 years or above working experience in software design, medical equipment industry is preferred;

      3 familiar with C# or C++ programming, familiar with object-oriented thinking, debugging, multi threading and related technologies, such as CVI Labwindows (C ANSI) language) programming experience is preferred, database programming experience is preferred;

      4 familiar with the coordination of the software module debugging, configuration and use;

      5 have the ability of requirement analysis and system design, and strong logical analysis and problem solving ability;

      6 be able to read technical documents in Chinese and English;

      7 full of team spirit, sense of responsibility and communication skills.

  • Debug technician
    • Job responsibilities:

      1 according to the requirements of the complete instrument assembly, and can provide or suggest the assembly of the design, improvement;

      2 according to the requirements of the instrument, according to the requirements of testing equipment performance;

      3 auxiliary to complete the necessary parts trimming, pre installed;

      4 able to carry out the necessary after-sales service support;

      Job requirements:

      1 age 25-40 years old

      2 communication, electronics, optical technical secondary school or above preferred

      3 master production skills; skilled tools (oscilloscope, multimeter, electric iron) operation, familiar with the knowledge of safe use of electricity;

      4 familiar with assembly automation, field working experience is preferred;

      5 follow the technical operation procedures, strictly according to the drawings and technical requirements, technical requirements of the construction and validation of the drawings

      6 on the need for a short trip to be responsible for after-sales service work and solve the problem

      7 have good communication and coordination ability, team work spirit, can bear pressure, strong sense of security, have the responsibility, initiative, good at learning have certain management coordination ability, can hard-working.

      8 treatment: Interview

Delivery resume :

Work place : Changzhou City, new North Road 26 Huashan hopebio
Medical equipment industry science park A2006